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Freeze dryer
Working condition requirements and technical indicators:

1. Working pressure: 1.0mpa-4.5mpa;

2. Pressure loss: ≤ 0.03mpa;

3. Intake air temperature: ≤ 80 ℃;

4. Ambient temperature: 3 ℃ ≤ 40 ℃;

5. Intake oil content: ≤ 2ppm;

6. Pressure dew point: 2-10 ℃.


JPW2 series heatless regeneration adsorption dryer

The heatless regeneration adsorption dryer is a kind of equipment for drying the compressed air according to the principle of pressure swing adsorption. It absorbs the moisture in the compressed air under pressure, so that the compressed air can be dried. When the pressure is reduced, a part of the dry compressed air is used to purge the adsorbent for regeneration, and the two towers alternate with each other, so that the dry compressed air can be recycled. According to the pressure dew point of the compressed air Different adsorbents are selected. The commonly used adsorbents are activated alumina and molecular sieve.

Note: 1. Maximum working pressure: 1.0MPa; 2. Adsorbent: Al2O3 (aluminum oxide); 3. Inlet temperature ≤ 40 ℃; 4. Ambient temperature ≤ 40 ℃; 5. Power supply: 220V / 50Hz; 6. Pressure dew point: - 20 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.

1. The company keeps improving the technology, subject to the latest technology. The contents and parameters listed in the sample are subject to change without notice.
2. Tanks outside the scope of the table can be customized.


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